Vente de Mai Cheltenham le 01/06/2017

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2Right of ReplyH11PresentingBaliyaEsker House Stables (Alistair Whillans)
3CraigmorH12CraigsteelTwilight PrincessNewlands Farm (Stuart Crawford)
4A Legal BeautyF12Robin des ChampsAfreenRailway Stables (David Harry Kelly)
6CeatharlachH12BeneficialDiceraMilestone Stables (Colin Bowe)
7Jammin MastersM11SinndarZara MillionGreenhills Farm (T.M. Walsh)
8A Three EightyF13SlicklyFleche RoseFattheen House Stables (Tom Hogan)
9KalabalooF12KalanisiWild SpellSkehanagh Stables (Sam Curling)
11Always Du CerisierH13ApsisTyr ElissaMonbeg Stables (Cormac Doyle)
12Storm ControlH13September StormDouble DreamMonbeg Stables (Donnchadh Doyle)
13Treasure MountainF13Mountain HighCordioneCorcoran Stables (T.J.Corcoran)
14Mr WashingtonH13Vinnie RoeAnna BirdThorne Farm (Jill Dennis)
15Dusty PearlH13Frozen FireKahootingStation Yard (Francesca Nimmo)
17GowiththeflowH13WesternerMaryiverBallyboy Stables (Denis Murphy)
18Fresh New DawnH12FlemensfirthStar ShuilGreenogue Stables (J.T.R.Dreaper)
19AioneM13Coastal PathLa HorquelaMonbeg Stables (Donnchadh Doyle)
20OfcourseiwillH12PublisherCamden PrincessLakeview Stables (Vincent Devereux)
21Get Out The GateH13MahlerChartaniBaltimore House Stables (James Doyle)
22Carefully SelectedH12Well ChosenKnockamullen GirlGreenhills Farm (T.M. Walsh)
23Clear SymbolF12PresentingClear RiposteMeadowview Stables (Andrew Slattery)
24Everybody's TalkinH13Robin des ChampsMiss Otis RegretsMilestone Stables (Colin Bowe)
25The Lion DancerH12Let the Lion RoarShesadollMonasootha Stables (John Paul Brennan)
26Bold BanditH13WesternerSmokey BanditBallyboy Stables (Denis Murphy)
27Gonn AwayF12MahlerSupreme CallRailway Stables (David Harry Kelly)
28Kings MonarchH13SchiaparelliMonarch's ViewMonbeg Stables (Donnchadh Doyle)
29IfyoucatchmenowF13WesternerIfyoucouldseemenowBallyboy Stables (Denis Murphy)
30Looks Like MurtH13Well ChosenNinetypenceapoundDairyhill Stables (M.O. Quigley)
31Peculiar PlacesH12PresentingBlu LouisianaWillow Farm (Ronnie O'Leary)
33Colonel CarrilloH12HelissioAlmnadiaBeechcourt Stables (Ross O'Sullivan)
34SimoneF12PresentingDusty TooShane Nolan Racing
35ThebigcleanupH12MilanNewcastlebeautyMonbeg Stables (Donnchadh Doyle)
36Belharbour TwoH12KutubClosetocrazyDanestown Stables (G. Cromwell)
37Shirleys Gold WellF13Gold WellShirleys HillCobajay Stables (Aidan Fitzgerald)
38Desirable CourtF13Court CaveDesirable RhythmShanrod Stables (J. G. Cosgrave)
39Napoleon BlueH13Beat HollowMyownMilestone Stables (Colin Bowe)
40Eur Gone WestH13WesternerFloating EuroMilestone Stables (Colin Bowe)
42Coachella GreenF12WesternerTurquoise GreenCorecannon House (John Murphy)
43Way Out WestH13WesternerRose VicNewlands Farm
44Out For JusticeH13BeneficialDustys DelightMonbeg Stables (James W Doyle)
45The Holy OneH13Court CaveVickateMoate Stables (Michael Goff)
47TillythetankF13StowawayAll HeartMonbeg Stables (Donnchadh Doyle)
49Reasonable DoubtH13Robin des ChampsMaggie MathiasMilestone Stables (Colin Bowe)
50What Another YearH12MilanDrama Queen MissMilestone Stables (Colin Bowe)
51Grange RangerH12KalanisiGrangeclare FlightGlenview Stables (Paul Cashman)
52Orchard LaneH12GamutMe No PuppetCobajay Stables (Aidan Fitzgerald)
53Rio QuintoM13Loup BretonSeal of CauseMonbeg Stables (Donnchadh Doyle)
54His DreamH13YeatsRosa MuscosaRaheen Stud (Ray Cody)
55Moonshine BayH13MilanChantoue RoyaleBallyboy Stables (Denis Murphy)
56DarlacH13LucarnoPail MelMonbeg Stables (Donnchadh Doyle)
57Arch DancerH12ArcadioDetenteSkydowns Stables (J. Sweeney)
59Asking A LotF13AskMillbrook MarbleMonbeg Stables (Sean Doyle)
60Malindi BayF13MalinasLa Grande VillezMilestone Stables (Colin Bowe)
61RingmoylanH12MahlerLa SpezianaRockfield House (J R Barry)
64Banrion ScairpF13ScorpionPairtreeInch Hill Stables (Shane Byrne)
65TangoedF13Papal BullDainty StepsStation Yard (Francesca Nimmo)